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HoKa is equipped with the latest in technology and markets its ventilation fittings of synthetic material throughout the world. Insulated pipes and fittings. Roun insulated channels and fittings with additional equipment are used for building ducts for natural ventilation , mechanical ventilation , air heating or air conditioning in single-family housing, multi-storey and utility buildings. Go to Grainger for the ductwork, duct fittings , vent caps, and other venting accessories you need for your air distribution system.

We manufacture ventilation fittings , such as grilles, air volume control dampers, bends, branch outlets with cleaning orifice, roof head parts, grille and condenser deflector housings as ventilation fittings manufacturer for your company. PVC and PPS ventilation systems from UK stockists.

Used for ducting, extraction and ventilation of fumes, high hygiene areas and in corrosive atmospheres. The ventilation duct and fitting production line is designed and specialized to reach a reduction in the number of steps to perform the drawing piece, maintaining a high. Find the right Metal Ducts, Pipes and Fittings to help your home improvement project.

All of our high-performance pipework is expertly . Witzenmann is the leading company in the design and production of metallic small ducts for controlled domestic ventilation. The range of dimensions and . U-PVC Degree Bends, ENQUIRE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT. U-PVC Degree Bends, ENQUIRE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT.


U-PVC Sockets, ENQUIRE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT. U-PVC Tee Products, ENQUIRE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT. Gas-tight shutoff-flaps made of plastic. Housing and flap are available in.

PP, PE and PVC as well as . Providing the trade and consumers with quality, innovative products for home and commercial air extraction and ventilation , and clever lighting and sensor lighting products. We produce standard and also non-standard ventilation fittings for small households and large industrial ventilation systems. For details please check the price catalog.

Ventilation Fittings for growing systems in indoor grow rooms. Kitchen ventilation canopy (individual and industrial). We produce different size kitchen intake canopies for industrial use from stainless . Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders.

TIPS, TRICKS, AND ADVICE. Functional details for your personal space. Give your bathroom a new look. Cowl vents, louvre vents, solar vents, tank vents.