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Up to 1probes can be connected. Graphical display, control keys. Interfaces: radio, Ethernet, USB. The base is the heart of the testo Saveris , and . The Real Time Clock can be .

It also has “Power Failure Alert” function. It includes 1xNO and 1xNC type digital inputs, thus you can monitor: All kinds of dry contact relay . The alarm module sends different alarm texts from two inputs and can also execute a switching command. Users can define their own texts for this purpose. The device has a small footprint and can be retrofitted in any system.

For monitoring and switching plant components. Fast and reliable alarm signaling over SMS. It is used for monitoring facilities and can signal deviations either automatically or upon request.

Status signalling using SMS. Remote output control by SMS. Online monitoring using a PC. Alarm signalling using SMS. Standard Modbus communication. Easy to use configuration tool.

Typical applications include monitoring of alarms in remote . Capture and Send Data via SMS. Report triggered alarm via SMS. Output triggered via SMS. Auto pick up for voice monitoring. Built-in temperature sensor.

The Arduino also needed power. The core board processor system using STM32F1as the core controller, communication module. Measuring Analog Channels. This device is not available anywhere else. GSM Module Integrated .

Position of SMS module within the panel. The SMS Notification Module for Ignition enables both alarm notification and acknowledgment via text messages from your mobile device.