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Skov ventilation system

Modern and efficient poultry production requires an inclusive overview and creation of optimum conditions for the animals. House climate is important for animal growth, and the animals will not give optimum yield unless several parameters are in order. Keep your installation at optimal performance.

Downtime is both expensive and annoying, and must be avoided to the greatest extent possible. Most downtime can be avoided with daily maintenance and regular review of the systems.

We offer various types of after-sale service to keep your installation at optimal . The system can be used in subtropical and tropical regions of the world. Combi- Tunnel ventilation is a. Our systems can be adapted to all types of buildings and are reliable and efficient under all climatic conditions. The effective ventilation is require because of the high density of the animals, kept in the farms. To ensure air exchanging in . As the stocking density in modern houses is high, the ventilation system has to be very efficient.

Our systems are developed with the extensive knowledge we have about animal breeding and climate control.

The optimum environment depends mainly on temperature, air quality, air velocity and uniformity. SKOV – Climate for Growth. We create climate for growth, regardless of where in the world our . The utilisation of the house in modern pig produc- tions makes the production vulnerable as regards ventilation stop, for example due to power failure. We develop, produce and market systems and components for ventilation systems , livestock house air cleaning and production control.

The farm is owned and run by Charoen Pokphand Thailand Co. Heating and ventilation are some of the worst offenders when it comes to high-energy bills for pig production. Ventilation and controls climate control systems.

Yet in actual fact, power consumption. Access the full text: NOT AVAILABLE. Test report, 911: Skov negative fan . Knowledge and constant development of ventilation . This means we must constantly strive to develop and manufacture products . Totally mechanical, the system features computerized climate control through forced ventilation and high- pressure cooling that limits temperature fluctuations to a minimum, . Ensuring a normal microclimate in a pigsty is possible with the help of high quality ventilation systems. This is the equipment you can order from us.

We offer ventilation systems for pigsties from the Danish company Skov – one of the best in its field.

There is no doubt that designing and installing a pigsty . When establishing the air outlet, it is important to perform a large air output at low power consumption.