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Mitsubishi heat pump

What if you could heat your home with freezing outside air? Designed for superior heating. Find the best heating solution for your home from our leading range.

Кеш Схожі Перекласти цю сторінку Our commitment to empower homeowners to create their own customized comfort is fueled by continual innovation and refinement. Here are some of the technologies that help cool and heat your home more efficiently and effectively.

Ecodan heat pump sets replicate a complete heating system. For the most common applications in modernisation and new construction they contain all the key components, perfectly coordinated to one another and assembled ready for installation. Four split and two monoblock systems, each with . The range of Ecodan monobloc air source heat pumps includes 8. Now with the ability to cascade up to six units of the same output, Ecodan monobloc systems offer a capacity range from through to 84kW. Does your ac work how you want it to? Consider mini split heating and cooling!

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MHI Group supports our customers conserve energy and protect the environment by providing efficient heat pumps. We have been also been awarded Partner status. This means that you benefit from an exclusive year manufacturer. Our range of heat pumps provides efficient, cost-saving ways to heat water.

We compare the FH and RLS3H models to help you decide for your home. Heat pumps are known to be one of the most efficient forms of residential heating available. In addition to this, they offer features that other forms of heating cannot, like dehumidifying, air filtration, safety and ease of use. Buy online or instore and earn Fly Buys on your purchases. With a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of and energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 1 this Energy Star-rated multi-purpose split.

Mitsubishi Mini Split Heat Pump superstore. Contact us in Hobart for a free in-home consultation or to learn more about our services. Using proven heat pump technology widely used in the heating and cooling industry, Ecodan upgrades naturally occurring . By switching from dirty, expensive heating oil, to an energy-efficient heat pump using clean electricity, you reduce your heating and cooling costs, improve comfort and health, all while helping the environment by cutting use of fossil fuels. Interest free options and financial assistance for heat pumps via the local council rates programmes.

Ductless air-conditioners and heat – pumps are your perfect solution for any size home or cottage.