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Isokern firebrick installation

The only parts which differ among the. Thicker fire brick may be used as an option. Magnum requires cuts – READ INSTRUCTIONS PRIOR TO INSTALLATION. Heat Stop (ISOHEATSTOP).

This manual must become the property of and be reviewed by all current and future users of this.

Q: How many firebrick are needed? These particular installations are. A: Although simple and kit-like in design, . The firebrick lining is a vital component of any fireplace.

A compliant installation will generally require an ASTM C-approved firebrick lining of ¼” thick or ½” thick. They are high-temperature refractory bricks that help insulate and protect your fireplace. The ½” thick firebrick is required for the fireplace . In wood burning installations the flue damper can be closed to reduce excessive heat loss when fireplace is not being used.

General uses include ceramic tile, fabricated and cast stone products. The fireplace wall is combination of slate and cultured stone. All materials were purchased online. Firebricks and Firebacks.

Combustible Floor Installation. Sided Opening Availability. Soapstone can withstand great changes in temperature without cracking. Install the firechest using lip glue making sure all elements are level. The inside of the firechest must be finished with a suitable fireback or firebrick slips.

We are proud to install modular masonry fireplaces by Isokern. After finishing it off with real firebrick , you have a masonry fireplace that performs much better than a site built fireplace, has a Warnock-Hersey testing, and is installed in. Because these are installed on site, you, the homeowner, can pick and choose your color and preferred pattern. For additional products and information, please visit the Isokern website . All BVETTO installations will result in the minimum finished fire brick floor of the firebox being at . Whitacre Greer is a leading manufacturer of low-duty fire brick for industrial uses and residential fireplaces. As with pavers, dry-pressing provides consistency and uniformity, resulting in accurate dimensions and a higher quality finished product.

Dimensional stability also makes for faster and easier installation.

Lafarge Fox River Decorative Stone has all the components you need for your fireplace. This includes chimney tops, flue liners, fire brick , and heat stop. We also have products by Isokern and Spark Arrestor. Isokern Double Module System is a quality chimney system – Available from stovesaver. Isokern firechests complement the Isokern chimney systems.

Manufactured by Schiedel – The Isokern pumice chimney system provides a lightweight easily installed and versatile solution for internal and external use. Resistant to temperature change . IMPORTANT: This manual contains assembly rules, installation steps and guidelines, and use and maintenance. Note: It is a good practice to dip each brick in water before installing. Start the fire brick at the front edge of the floor of the. Introducing the Isokern Panels from earthcore: the easiest installation for all outdoor masonry kitchen elements.

Lightweight, quick, strong and insulating Isokern Panels protect kitchen appliances and storage much more than metal alternatives.