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Fluorinert is the trademarked brand name for the line of electronics coolant liquids sold commercially by 3M. It is an electrically insulating, stable fluorocarbon-based flui which is used in various cooling applications. It is mainly used for cooling electronics. Different molecular formulations are available with a variety of . I recently bought some Fluorinert FC-on eBay since it is such an intriguing chemical. Find product specific information including CAS, MSDS, protocols and references.

Как уже отмечалось выше, вместо того чтобы использовать Novec, исследователи выбрали другой продукт корпорации 3хладагент Fluorinert Electronic Liquid FC-72. Этот непроводящий электроток, термически и химически стабильный жидкий охладительный агент идеально подходит . Specialty fluids from 3M, Fluorinert FC-and FC-7for all Sharplan lasers. These guys did it, but used liquid nitrogen to cool the flourinert. This means no worry of corrosion from using it.

Whenever I remove a part cooled by fluorinert I look inside it and inside the tubing and inspect for corrosion. The of the piping I . Unlike our general line products that are sold through distribution these fluids are sold directly to end users (Canadian Customers Only). Abstract: High thermal conductivity graphitic foam was utilized as the evaporator in a modified thermosyphon. Fluorinert FC-and FC-were evaluated as the working fluids of choice and a variety of variables on the foams . See what people are saying and join the conversation.

Heat generated on the chip evaporates the liquid. This cycle maintains the liquid level in the tank. After going through the forums and some websites it looks like some people have and want to use fluorinert to help cool their grids and to prevent . A unique combination of properties makes Fluorinert liquid FC-ideal for many electronics applications, including heat transfer, vapor phase reflow soldering, and many electronic quality and reliability tests. ChemicalBook provide Chemical industry users with FLUORINERT FC-Boiling point Melting point, FLUORINERT FC-Density MSDS Formula Use,If You also need to FLUORINERT FC-Other information,welcome to contact us.

Application Guide Listed below are key applications for FC-40. Documents specific to the application are listed to the right. Its liquid range (-57°C to 155°C) makes it ideal for a variety of applications such as etchers, ion implanters, testers . Fluorinert liquids are premier heat transfer fluids, and have long been used as heat transfer media for extreme cooling applications. Originally used for direct contact cooling due to their stability , . In the direct membrane potential . Mutant mouse lines derived from injection of geneti- cally modified . SECTION 1: PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION. DIVISION: Electronics Markets Materials Division.

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