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Dixell xr60cx

Digital controller with defrost and fans management. XJ485-CX, to a network line ModBUS-RTU compatible such as the Dixell monitoring units of X-WEB family. XR140C, XR04CX, XR40CX x 2. XR160C, XR06CX, XR60CX x 2. Full open map of parameters configure your own control.

Automatically the parameter list of the “Hot Key” is downloaded into the Controller memory. PROSide Mount Packaged Refrigeration System Label Characteristic Fans ( XR60CX only) Fans delay after Fnd defrost Fct Temperature differential avoiding short cycles of fans FSt Fans stop temperature Description . Pressure switch config. In case of failure or faulty operation send the instrument back to the distributor or to “ Dixell S. Consider the maximum current which can be applied to each relay (see Technical Data).

Ensure that the wires for probes, loads and the power supply are separated and . NEW DIXELL XR60CX – 4N0Ccontroller 110V REFRIGERATION CONTROLLER.

XR60CX , Thermometers, Thermostats, Electronic Controllers for air conditioning, industrial and commercial refrigeration and catering markets. Informasjon: engelsk installasjonsanvisning. Filstørrelse: XR60CX -GB. Filvedlegg: XR60CX – GB. Weiss Instruments XR60CX-5N1F1-UR – Universal – XR Controller, 240V.

UNIVERSAL XR60CX Controller pdf manual download. Installatie en gebruikershandleiding. Digitale regelaar met ontdooi en ventilator management.

De XR60CX , formaat 32xmm format, is een microprocessor gestuurde regelaar geschikt voor toepassing bij zowel. Description: Replaces the functions of a mechanical thermostat, defrost time clock, fan control and alarm in one control Select from seven pre-set programs based on application with easy 4-step setup Replaces different controls in the field Fully programmable to meet all warming, medium and low temperature . Feb dixell xr60cx controller. Compressor indicator light on but no power gowning to compressor? All seems to be working fine.

Program same as one replacing. Universal-XR Replacement Controller for all Dixell , and many other.

The Dixell Prime Series configurable controllers provide digital solutions for both medium. OPERATION: 7-in-solution in just one control. Dixell XR60CX refrigeration controller for compressor control.

Select one of the first preset maps in the application menu to replace virtually any control. Features : Innovative digital controllers dedicated to heat and M. Easy and intuitive programming mode Display with icons .